CNET identifies some of the upcoming changes we might expect in our pocket computers.

  • “Sensitive sensors track the world in real time: …the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, and so forth – are starting to get more friends in the neighborhood. Samsung, for instance, slipped pressure, temperature, and humidity sniffers into the Galaxy S4.
  • “‘Appcessories’: …highly specialized peripheral software that fulfills very targeted needs, stuff that most people wouldn’t want their everyday phone.”
  • “Rise of gestures and touch-free input: …Gestures and voice may be starting the trend, but other, more sophisticated transitions and input methods will soon move from wacky option to normal ways of interacting with devices.”
  • “The larger ecosystem: …smartphones will come with more components and communications tools to interact more than ever before with people and other devices.”
  • “Wearable tech and you: …Your smartphone is still there, still essential for communicating with your environment, but it becomes only one device in a collection of other, even more personal or convenient gadgets, that solve some of the same sorts of problems in different or complimentary ways.”

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