The book “Personal, Portable, Pedestrian : Mobile Phones in Japanese Life” has just been released. Following is an excerpt from an Amazon review:

“In Japan and Europe, cellphone usage is higher than in the United States. Thus to an American reader, this book can be interesting on several levels. Perhaps as a sociological commentary on how Japanese society has accepted and accomodated the pervasive use of the phones. To an extent not currently seen in much of the US, except possibly amongst teenagers in large cities. The book is a fascinating read of how quickly an technological item has become part of the fabric in Japan. The passages on phone etiquette also suggest what might also eventuate here.

“On a business level, the book can be used for ideas into future usages, in Japan or elsewhere. If you are trying to find a novel business involving cellphones, it helps to study a society that has taken them further.”

Links: Personal, Portable, Pedestrian : Mobile Phones in Japanese Life (Amazon), PDF draft of the book’s introduction