The latest edition, June 2008, of ACM’s Communications has a bumper selection of articles about Organic User Interfaces (OUIs). Organic User Interfaces have “non-planar displays that may actively or passively change shape via analog physical inputs”. The lead article describes these major attributes of OUIs:

  1. Input equals output: where the display is the input device
  2. Function equals form: where the display can take on any shape
  3. Form follows function: where displays can change their shape

The today-existing analogues for these are touchscreens, custom form displays and folding displays. The articles each explore the future of these in much more depth and complexity; this stuff is incredibly important for the next generation of mobile computing devices.

There aren’t any traces of the magazine online yet (?!?), but it’s worth tracking down (it should appear here when it does).

UPDATE: The articles are posted at