Harry Brignull writes about the failures and then successes of bringing a print magazine to the iPad.

“The ad team wanted to sell fixed position ads. So like in print, the HSBC ad would appear by the finance section, and so on. Now, we were determined not to have the app ruined by invasive ads. We didn’t want ads appearing on article pages. We didn’t even want them appearing between the pages of an article. So we pitched this idea that we’d have only full screen ads that would appear in between the section pages…[But] They were coming into the issue, tapping through to a section, and then casually flicking through all the sections…So even though the ratio of ads to content was really low on a per-issue basis, when you looked at these real life desire lines, users were seeing an ad every other page.”

Link: From Print to iPad: Designing a Reading Experience (90percentofeverything.com, via)