Dan Hill put together a piece with the title “The Street as Platform” describing in narrative form the interplay between technologies in the public environment, many of them mobile. It’s not groundbreaking, as he notes in the introduction, but the story form is a nice way of capturing some of the possibilities that mobility bring.

“In the shoe-shop next door, a similar hand-held scanner, unknowingly damaged in a minor act of tomfoolery a day earlier, fails to register the barcode on a box of sneakers, resulting in a lost sale as the assistant is unable to process the transaction without said barcode. The would-be customer walks out in disgust, texting his wife in order to vent his furious frustration on someone. She sends a placating if deliberately patronising message back within a few seconds, which causes him to smile and respond with an ‘x’ two seconds after that. In doing so, his allocation of SMSs for the month tips over to the next tier in his payment plan, triggering a flag in an database somewhere in Slough.”

Link: The street as platform (cityofsound.com)