The recently published Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies looks like it has a lot of interesting pieces in it.

Digital Divides and Social Mobility
* The Mobile Makes Its Mark – Lara Srivastava
* Shrinking Fourth World? Mobiles, Development, and Inclusion – Jonathan Donner
* Mobile Traders and Mobile Phones in Ghana – Ragnhild OverÃÂ¥
* Mobile Networks: Migrant Workers in Southern China – Pui-lam Law and Yinni Peng
* Mobile Communication in Mexico: Policy and Popular Dimensions – Judith Mariscal and Carla Marisa Bonina
* Reducing Illiteracy as a Barrier to Mobile Communication – Jan Chipchase
* Health Services and Mobiles: A Case from Egypt – Patricia Mechael
* How the Urban Poor Acquire and Give Meaning to the Mobile Phone – Lourdes M. Portus

Sociality and Co-presence
* Always-On/Always-On-You: The Tethered Self – Sherry Turkle
* The Mobile Phone’s Ring – Christian Licoppe
* Mobile Technology and the Body: Apparatgeist, Fashion, and Function – Scott Campbell
* The Mediation of Ritual Interaction via the Mobile Telephone – Rich Ling
* Adjusting the Volume: Technology and Multitasking in Discourse Control – Naomi S. Baron
* Maintaining Co-presence: Tourists and Mobile Communication in New Zealand – Peter B. White and Naomi Rosh White
* The Social Effects of Keitai and Personal Computer E-mail in Japan – Kakuko Miyata, Jeffrey Boase and Barry Wellman

Politics and Social Change
* Mobile Media and Political Collective Action – Howard Rheingold
* Mobile Multimedia: Uses and Social Consequences – Ilpo Koskinen
* Mobile Communication and Sociopolitical Change in the Arab World – Mohammad Ibahrine
* Locating the Missing Links of Mobile Communication in Japan: Sociocultural Influences on Usage by Children and the Elderly – On-Kwok Lai
* The Effects of Mobile Telephony on Singaporean Society – Shahiraa Sahul Hameed
* Mobile Communication and the Transformation of the Democratic Process – Kenneth Gergen

Culture and Imagination
* Cultural Differences in Communication Technology Use: Adolescent Jews and Arabs in Israel – Gustavo Mesch and Ilan Talmud
* “Express Yourself” and “Stay Together”: The Middle-Class Indian Family – Jonathan Donner, Nimmi Rangaswamy, Molly Wright Steenson and Carolyn Y. Wei
* Nondevelopmental Uses of Mobile Communication in Tanzania – Thomas Molony
* Cultural Studies of Mobile Communication – Gerard Goggin
* Mobile Music as Environmental Control and Prosocial Entertainment – James E. Katz, Katie M. Lever and Yi-Fan Chen
* Supernatural Mobile Communication in the Philippines and Indonesia – Bart Barendregt and Raul Pertierra
* Boom in India: Mobile Media and Social Consequences – Madanmohan Rao and Mira Desai
* Mobile Games and Entertainment – James E. Katz and Sophia Krzys Acord
* Online Communities on the Move: Mobile Play in Korea – Youn-ah Kang

Conclusions and Future Prospects
* Mainstreamed Mobiles in Daily Life: Perspectives and Prospects – James E. Katz

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