Sean Madden writes about some of the mobile-related talk that went on at SXSW (which is typically a desktop web-heavy get together). I’m not convinced that there needs to be a clear separation of browser-based systems and local application like he suggests; there are different design and technical considerations to be dealt with for the two delivery mechanisms, but in both situations you’ve still got a mobile application.

“I spent a lot of my time at SXSW this year sitting on panels discussing the mobile space. I did learn quite a bit, but the thing that I found most intriguing was the difficulty people are having distinguishing the various mobile spaces, particularly the difference between mobile applications and the mobile web. These two practices are fundamentally different and must be mentally separated by our community. The mobile web is about re-purposing current sites or creating stand-alone sites that are meant to be experienced through the phone’s web browser.”

Link: Mobile Development Still A Mystery to Most (