The tension between single-purpose and multi-purpose devices is a continuous balancing act. If a small device does one thing, it’s often easy to design it to do it really well. But if it does 50 things, it’s often impossible to avoid doing all the things badly.

“And when that magical day happens where everything has converged into one device, some company will revolutionize the industry with a brand new design philosophy: simplicity. It will make a phone that only makes phone calls. And a knife that only cuts. And a pen that only writes. What a concept! “

“Simple, single purpose devices work better and are easier to learn. Multipurpose devices are more convenient. In the ever-continuing quest for simplicity and convenience, What comes around, goes around. Today simplicity, tomorrow convenience. Tomorrow convenience, the next day simplicity.”

Link: PPVMTDO: The convergence in mobile devices