A couple of years ago I spoke at the IxDA conference in Savannah about how designers of digital products can think more explicitly about ethical evaluation in the design process. In particular I was interested to understand how designers can integrate ethical judgement into everday design (not the projects that save the world, but the projects that most designers work on in the everyday).

Why be concerned about this? This great quote from Ezio Manzini sums it up wonderfully for me: “The openness of the field of possibilities where designers are operating is one of the factors that characterizes their actions…Given this degree of freedom, designers have to adopt some criteria for choice and on this basis choose what, in their view, is better to do. That is, given that ethics is defined as dealing with ‘what is good and bad, right and wrong’, they have to make ethical choices.”

Take a look on the Slideshare site for the full slide notes attached to this presentation (in the comments section).

Link: Ethics and Everyday Design (slideshare.net)