XD’s Macromedia blog has quite a few posts about designing for Flash on mobile devices.

“Of course there are some universal truths to optimizing Flash content: don’t animate huge complex artwork; don’t tween a zillion things simultaneously; go easy on the transparency. And while on the desktop Flash 8 (finally!) solves these performance issues, on devices we just don’t have the oomph we need to kick out the crazy Hollywood effects, yet. Furthermore, some devices perform better than others, sometimes dramatically. And because mobile authoring often requires that we publish to many different devices, it may be the case that we have to author for the lowest common denominator. That being said, a byte here and there may make all the difference.”

Link: XD: Mobile Archives YO (URL no longer works – http://weblogs.macromedia.com/xd/archives/mobile/index.cfm)